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Power of Pull Planning


There is a misleading knowledge in planning that garment factories have been mixed up between Strategic Planning vis-à-vis operational planning, using both as one common planning method.

Several planning systems exist and are applied and used based on the type of production category of each company. It becomes so hard to adapt several production processes in the same factory that suits the production category separating, mass production from short runs and auto replenishment orders. Planners are using the easiest method in planning the production by bulk based on the capacity of each fixed line, which are too wrong resulting lots of production delays and they still struggling with line misbalancing exceeding over 35% of down.

Learn about how to determine and evaluate the right production process that maximizes the workstation of each employee, achieving the productivity objectives. During this training program, planners and engineers will learn about how to distinguish between, fixed lines, skill center or modular cells in total flexibility in determining the most efficient line set-ups in achieving the targets and facilitating the jobs on the sewing operators.

Audience:    Operational planners, Factories, Engineers and Production managers and Production lines executives.