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Building an Engineered Structure


To have an engineered process, factory must have engineering skill. This workshop is aimed to help the engineers in restructuring the engineering functions on the principle of Kaizen shifting their daily tasks into projects solution on the basis of continuous improvement working around all tools and elements that will lead to a Lean Structure with zero waste environments. The workshop will focus on the 8 areas that will lead to create stability, balanced flow and total alignment to common purpose including the Takt time, employees’ involvement, etc. The 8 areas are as follows:

  1. Environment and Equipment
  2. Simplification and standardization of Work Practices
  3. One Point flow and Modular Manufacturing 
  4. Manufacturing activities clean up, Elimination of Unnecessary activities
  5. Formulate the Teams
  6. Design Quick Changeover
  7. Linking and Balancing the Flow
  8. Methods of Visual Control

Audience       Directors, Industrial Engineers, maintenance and mechanical engineering